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Services & Pricing

I am so grateful to be welcomed into your most vulnerable moments and my main goal is to give you photos to cherish for a lifetime, but also an unforgettable experience.
Is it worth it? Let me work it...

Every single couple is different. So, each one of my collections are almost always a customized fit for your specific needs. But as a starting point, I have some base packages of the most popular picks! Once you’ve glanced through these, shoot me an email and we’ll create that something unique just for you guys!

With that being said I understand budgets. I know weddings are not cheap. But at the end of the day, all you have left is your photos and that is the best investment you can make. No one talks about the food they had 10 years down the road or the music that was played but they do go back and look at their wedding photos. From personal experience I know that your kids and grandkids will be looking at your wedding photos years down the road!  

If you love my work and my personality but afraid you can’t afford it- reach out anyway, because at the end of the day I am not in this for the money. I want to be able to give the world something they need and I know I can capture beautiful unique photos for every couple I work with! Please do keep in mind that I do this full time to provide for my family but I do love what I do – if you truly value what I do, I’d love to hear from you.

Starting at$ 2,600
Epic Couples Sessions

I like to consider this one big epic adventure… and I will be tagging along to add to the adventure.  This one’s for couples + engagements, anniversaries, and just-freakin-because you wanna document your love! 


  • Indoors or outdoors, you choose!
  • Personalized location idea list
  • Downloadable Online Gallery
  • Travel fees may apply
Starting at$ 400
Collection 1
  • Full Day of Coverage
  • Second Shooter
  • Engagement session
  • Your Custom “Build Your Wedding Day” Kit
    • “Getting to Know you” Questionnaire
    • Ultimate Wedding & Elopement Guide
    • Tips, Tricks, Logistics & Planning Tools
    • Custom Timeline for your best experience & Beautiful Images
  • Downloadable Gallery
  • Printing Rights
  • 10×10 Fine Art Album with up to 10 page spread (option to upgrade)
Collection 2
  • 8 hrs of coverage
  • Engagement session
  • Your Custom “Build Your Wedding Day” Kit
    • “Getting to Know you” Questionnaire
    • Ultimate Wedding & Elopement Guide
    • Tips, Tricks, Logistics & Planning Tools
    • Custom Timeline for your best experience & Beautiful Images
  • Downloadable Gallery
  • Printing Rights
  • 8×8 Fine Art Album with up to 10 page spread (option to upgrade)
Collection 3
  • 6 hrs of  coverage
  • Your Custom “Build Your Wedding Day” Kit
    • “Getting to Know you” Questionnaire
    • Ultimate Wedding & Elopement Guide
    • Tips, Tricks, Logistics & Planning Tools
    • Custom Timeline for your best experience & Beautiful Images
  • Downloadable Gallery
  • Printing Rights
  • Option to purchase an 8×8 album
Starting at $1,200.00
  • 3 Hrs. of coverage
  • Getting to know you questionnaire
    • Personalized Elopement Location Idea List
    • Ultimate Wedding & Elopement Guide
    • Tips, Tricks Logistics, Planning Tools
    • A Custom Elopement Timeline
  • Downloadable Gallery
  • Print Release
  • Each additional hour $300
Ideas to add to your packages
  • Extra Hours of wedding day coverage $300
  • Add On Engagement Session $500
  • Add On Bridal Session $450
  • Second Shooter $400 & up
  • Rehearsal Dinner Coverage $300 & up
  • Day One Photo Session $350 & up
  • 2-3 Minute Highlight Video $400
  • Album 8×8, 10×10, 12×12 starting at $800 for 10 page spread
  • Additional Album Spreads $35.00 per Spread


Where are you based out of? Do you ever travel for shoots?

Winston Salem, North Carolina! I will travel wherever you will take me. The farthest I have traveled so far is Puerto Rico!

What is your turn around time?

This all depends on the time of year. Photographers have a busy season and an off season. Since I take on such a limited amount of jobs per year, I have a faster turnaround time than most photographers! The turnaround depends on how much I shoot, how busy I am, my travel schedule, and the holidays. Typically, for sessions it takes 4 weeks or less and weddings take 8 weeks or less. I try to get them back to you as soon as possible while making sure I give time to each and every image needs.

How many images do you include?

Each one of my packages varies in how many images are delivered, but I promise I’ll always include plenty of images of everything I capture. I don’t like to give a cutoff number because I don’t believe in withholding any images from you to get you to pay more like some photographers do. These are your memories, I promise to capture them fully and give you more than enough images to remember this time in your lives.

Do you help with the planning process?

Absolutely! I’ve shot hundreds of weddings (and am married myself!) so I know the industry pretty dang well! Let me know what you need help with, if you need recommendations, and if there’s anything I can do to make the process easier for you!

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

If only you knew how many hours upon hours upon hours are spent outside of the actually wedding day working on each individual wedding. Think about this:
For each couple I spend hours chatting with them to see if we are the right fit for one another. I also spend hours before the wedding emailing, FaceTiming, texting, building wedding day timelines, scouting out engagement locations and all the things that go into wedding prep. Then, I travel to the engagement / wedding location, shoot for 8+ hours, travel back, over a period of DAYS PER WEDDING, cull, edit, create preview galleries, create a slideshow, create a final gallery, create a wedding album and proof the album with you then finally deliver. With all of that being said, I spend 5x the amount of hours before and after the wedding on each couple as I do with them on their actual wedding day. Add on top insurance for my gear, insurance for your venue (yes! we have to carry that per venue and add them to our policy), the fact that I am currently pregnant and have a family to support, and then there it is - why I am priced like I am. Add to that that I actually care about my couples and not just the money. I care about the attention to detail, their story, and I give each one of my couples killer photos. I vow to murder the wedding with beautiful images. I will go above and beyond any vendor you have ever seen!

How do I book you?

Head on over and fill out the contact form and tell me all about what your wanting, whether it's an elopement, wedding or just a session. From there we will chat about what your expectations are for photography. I will send over a contract for you to sign and this must be signed within one week of deciding you want to book me. I will also send over an invoice for the retainer to save your date. That must be paid within one week of chatting with me as well!

What happens if you can't make it to our wedding?

Heaven forbids this happens, as it would only happen if it were out of my control (act of god, illness, death, etc) but in this case I would do my best to help find a replacement photographer to take my place that I trust with a similar style, they would shoot your wedding but I would still do the editing!
If I cannot find a photographer and If I can’t make it to your wedding your money will be refunded.

How does payment work?

I require 30% retainer to secure your spot on my calendar, and the remaining 70% is due 1 month in advance for weddings, 2 weeks in advance for shoots. You can split these payments (up to 3 payments) if you’d like to help make it more affordable. I’m happy to work with your schedule!

This contract is legit woman!! It's kind of scary actually. Why do you seem like an asshole?

The contract is super industry standard and is essentially a series of WHAT IFS and MAYBES and WORST CASE SCENARIOS that most likely will not happen, but just in case they God forbid do, I want you to know how I am going to handle it. The contract is for you and for me, so don't be intimated. I'm really nice. I have had hundreds people sign that contract, completed our agreement, delivered their files, sent a million hugs and kisses their way and loved working together! I promise we will love one another and forget all about the business side of things within 5 minutes of meeting each other. But if you have questions or concerns about the contract please ask...I'll answer anything!

Can I have the RAW or unedited files?

No, fist off because as I believe that editing is half the magic that goes into images and without this huge step the images are only halfway done. I promise to never leave any photos out that you’ll want/need, and if you feel I missed delivering a photo, just ask! I’m more than happy to check back through my images and send it over to you (I make mistakes, no lie!). I won’t let you miss out on your memories!
Second I feel if I give you the unedited images I am not giving you my best work. Therefore I do not want my work or name to go along with the unedited images.

Do you offer discounts?


What do you charge for travel?

Depending on where you are taking me. If it is within driving distance it is $.60 per mile after 30 miles one way. But if I would have to take a plane you just have you pay for the bare minimum (flight, transportation, stay) and I cover the rest. I’m also open to staying with you, your family, camping or sharing an airbnb with you to help save you $$$. And if it works out on both ends I’m also more than happy to get picked up and dropped off at the airport to save on paying for a rental car!
For booking, I book flights and rental car on my own (you can book my stay if you’d like, but I am firm on booking my own flights + transportation). I make sure to get your confirmation on logistics + price before booking anything to ensure there are no surprise costs on your end! Once booked, the payment for them is due within one week of receiving your invoice.
You can estimate costs by checking how much hotels/airbnbs typically cost in the area we will be staying, how much roundtrip flights are from the airport of my choice, and rental cars are typically around $50 per day or less when booked in advance.



Tiffany + Brandon Can we give more than 5 stars?! Jessica is absolutely amazing and everything you deserve in a photographer on your big day. From start to finish, she was everything we dreamed and more. She has a magical personality and the ability to make every person feel comfortable in front of the camera. By the end of the night it felt like she had been in our friends group for years and captured every moment perfectly. Highly recommend!
Brittany + Michael Hands down, Jessica is the best photographer around!  I cannot tell you how happy I am that I chose her and how grateful I am that she was able to so beautifully capture the best day of my life. I was very particular when choosing a photographer and chose Jessica based on her talent and her creative ability to think outside the box. I completely trusted her vision so when she suggested we hike to a waterfall in freezing temperatures in January, I agreed and it paid off big time. I ended up with an indescribably gorgeous bridal portrait that looks like it belongs in a magazine. My wedding pictures turned out just as stunning. She made my husband and I feel at ease, which translated into pictures that are truly representative of the love and excitement we felt on our wedding day. A bonus is that Jessica has a great personality and offers a calming presence, which is priceless among the hustle and bustle of a hectic wedding day. I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Jessica and I will continue recommending her to my family and friends!
Elizabeth + Manny Where do I start?? Are you looking for someone who's fun, innovative, and creative? Look no further! Jessica is an absolute pleasure to work with! She shot our engagement, my bridal portraits, and wedding day. Working with her was a breeze! She makes you feel so comfortable during your photo sessions. I cannot stress enough how important a good photographer is. Thanks to Jessica we were able to capture the best memories from the BEST day ever!
Whitney + Sarah If you want the heart of a memory or event remembered, Jessica is the right photographer for you. My wife and I were married 10/14/18, and the first person that popped into my head for a photographer was Jessica. I have worked with her numerous times for other photo shoots and she has the essence to capture beauty in every shot. Looking through her other photos that she posts to social media always sparks creativity and awe. I will continue to always recommend her and Jessica for any special moment to be captured.
Alyse + Spencer You should stop looking and book Jessica! Booking her for our wedding was the best decision we made. Her charismatic, fun, and down to earth personality made it easy for my husband and I to feel comfortable in front of the camera. On our wedding day, Jessica was extremely professional but also so personable I felt like she knew exactly what to do to capture the very best photos. Jessica is extremely talented and gets your photos back in a timely manner. I would recommend her to anyone. It was an amazing experience to have her a part of our day.
Alicia + Jordan Jessica was the second best thing to happen at my wedding... behind marrying my husband of course ;) I was so stressed because my venue flooded and it was raining all week but she not only agreed to switch locations, she made all the stress go away. I'm still obsessed with our photos! 1000000% worth it. I wish she lived in Texas because I want more photos!!
Courtney + Josh Jessica is one of the best photographers I have ever met. Looking through our photos, there was not one single photo I'm not in love with. My husband and I can be pretty awkward but the way Jessica captured us was awe inspiring. Our wedding album brought tears to our eyes. There wasn't a single detail or emotion missed. Jessica has a talent like no other to capture a mood. While the photos are beautiful works of art, what I love most is that you can see the deep love shared is them. Choosing Jessica will be the best, easiest decision in your process.
Alexis & Collin My husband and I wanted a photographer who would help us feel comfortable in front of the camera, and we certainly found it with Jessica. Throughout our engagement shoot and post wedding shoot, she helped guide us so that all of our pictures look natural and match our personality. She has such an amazing ability to capture the beauty of the surroundings as well. Our photos are the talk of the town, and I can't even count how many people called her and used her after seeing our epic pictures. I can't say enough about her and her work. She is just absolutely incredible