I like dogs, art, exercise, delicious food, and beautiful people.

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A plant eatin', coffee drinkin', picture takin', dog lovin' gal livin' in the small town of Mt. Airy, NC.  I love to travel and I want to explore anywhere and everywhere, not just the picturesque places that are great for taking photos.  I am very creative and can come up with photos opportunities anywhere! 
I am married to a wonderful man who knows nothing about photography or being creative but he learns a lot through me! We have a fur baby named Boone because we got him in Boone, NC.  If you want to know a little more about our cute pup keep scrolling down.

I curse way too much
favorite foods are pizza and tacos
I can quote every line of every episode from the show Friends
I have LOTS of tattoos (and plan on getting more)
I am a major dog person and I want to take your dogs picture!
I love craft beer - favorite beer right now is Steeze made by New Anthem in Wilmington, NC
I went to school for studio art at WCU in Cullowhee, NC
I lived in the Asheville, NC area for almost 10 years and recently moved back to good ole' Mayberry
my all time favorite photographer is Sally Mann
I am mostly vegan (some days are harder than others)
I love scary movies
My favorite time of year is fall because my birthday is in October and Halloween of course!

My ideal day would be to pack up my tent and sleeping bag, head out with my dog and hubby somewhere gorgeous and hike all day, build a fire at night and sleep under the stars. 
I love to travel and explore, whether it's across the country or across town.  

More About Me

I'm Jessica

We got Boone shortly after our other dog had passed suddenly.  My sister was living in Boone, NC at the time and I was up there visiting, so she wanted us to go look at the dogs.  I saw Boone (his name at the time was moon but that was just too hippie for us) laying in the cage and he looked like a lazy dog, nothing special about him.  I took him out and took him for a walk.  I fell in love with how laid back he was and how much he loved me.  I knew I had to have him.  So I go home and tell my husband about it.  He was reluctant, but I had already decided I was getting him whether my husband wanted me to or not.  I went back about a week later and picked him up.  As I was leaving one of the people who worked there said "I hope you can handle him", and I thought to myself "well he seemed laid back to me I hope I haven't made a mistake".  Well sure enough within a week I knew I had one wild pup on my hands!

Playing tug-a-war
Tearing up any stuffed toy in sight
Hiking, I repeat HIKING, there will be no running
Doing tricks for treats
Eating grain free (allergies)
And being curious about everything!