I’m Jessica or Jess. I’m just gonna go ahead and tell you that I am really nosy person, but honestly this helps me with my job because I am obsessed with telling stories through the photos that I take. So the more I get to know you to easier it is for me to relate to tell your story.

 I am located in North Carolina. I live in the small town of Mt. Airy, NC or Mayberry, but I travel anywhere from the mountains of Asheville to the coast of Wilmington on a regular basis and will go anywhere rad people take me.  Most photographers today specialize in photographing only one or two things, but I can’t tell you that I strictly photograph weddings or families; I go where life takes me, whether it’s a wedding, the top of a mountain, your family’s living room, or hanging out in a pasture with cows (true story) it’s my goal to give you beautiful, natural photography of you and your loved ones. around true human connection.  If you're looking for a photographer that provides overly posed photos with fancy equipment and huge lights - we may not be the best fit - and that's totally okay! However, if you're down with me capturing the messy, unplanned, raw moments- I'm totally your girl. I live for those small, intimate moments that often go unnoticed. So don't be afraid to be a little silly, dance a little, laugh a little, or a lot, and be in your element. 
Photography is not only about your connection with your family or partner, but also the connection with your photographer. It can feel awkward and vulnerable to be in front of a camera, but that's why I'm here to guide you through the whole process, and more than likely become bffs by the end. Now that you know about me, let's talk about you! Contact me here.

Basically, I'm not here to get Instagram likes, fancy photography awards, magazine features or any of that fun stuff. I just love my job and the awesome people I get to photograph. I want to get to know you and I love to travel, so take me somewhere rad. 

Click the link to get to know more about me. You can read more about dog, my intense love of the show Friends, my obsession with good beer and other random stuff you probably don't need to know, but I'm going to tell you anyway.

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